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It’s obvious to me that if you’re here, a comprehensive music education is important to you and your family. Our goal is to assist you on that journey.

This is a music education blogsite designed to educate and empower the parents and teachers of young musicians. I should let you know upfront that I am not a music teacher. (I don’t even play one on TV).  But I am the parent of two young musicians. Over the years I’ve met – and learned from – many wonderful music and education professionals, and through this site I am able to pass along the benefits of that knowledge base to you.

As you browse through our blog pages you’ll notice they are PACKED with recommendations on listening, reading and opportunities for music ed advocacy. Whenever possible, we include links to trusted organizations and retailers. So, click through with confidence and know that we’ve done a lot of the hard work for you.

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We realize that not everyone grows up to become a rock star. Not every music student goes on to teach music. But we maintain that a comprehensive music education is for everyone, because almost every one of us grows up to become a consumer of music. We believe that if you nurture a student’s natural attraction to music he will grow up to become an educated consumer. Think about it. Performers will have a better chance of reaching and holding onto their audience, and the thought of eliminating arts education will never even be an option.

And that is music to our ears.

Carol Costantino Managing Editor

Carol Costantino
Managing Editor