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Songs of the Armed Services


They are among the most recognizable marches of all time, but can you match the song title to its branch of service? Click through to find the answer… and while you’re there, add these mp3s to your patriotic playlist.

The Air Force Song

The Army Song

The Navy Song

The Marine Song

The Coast Guard Song

3 Comments to “Songs of the Armed Services”

  1. Luigi Fulk says:

    Good blog. Good info!

  2. Robert says:

    I utilized this post as part of my general music class today-The Friday before Memorial Day. Very useful on many levels includung career exploration, which is a Core Curriculum requirement in all content areas.

  3. […] who served (a practice which dates back in America to the early 1860s), as well as the more typical parades, barbecues and family […]

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