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Concert Attire
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Not sure how to dress your pint-sized performer for their first concert? You’ve come to the right place.

During the next few months, in schools across the country, students from pre-K through college will take to the stage in song. And just as there is a dress code in business, there is a dress code for student musicians. While it may be tempting for parents to try and get one more wear out of that floral Easter dress or that lavender polo, this may not be the best time. It seems the lines of appropriateness regarding concert attire have become blurred.

Vaughan Sawdon is an area rep for DeMoulin Bros. & Co., a leading manufacturer of marching band uniforms, accessories and formal attire. According to Sawdon, “Often, what translates well socially, just isn’t appropriate for a concert setting.”

Sawdon explains that DeMoulin believes in an educated approach to performance attire, and admits that the standards used to be much simpler. “Not that long ago,” he explains, “it was common for concert band students to wear marching band overcoats.”

But truth be told, this proved to be uncomfortable and impractical on a stage under hot lights. While this trend has changed, he points out that the traditional concert setting is still no place for bold patterns, bright colors or scene-stealing accessories. With more schools trending toward formal concert attire, Sawdon points out that, “You’re goal is not to be seen as an individual … You want your attire to be subtle.”

The head of the ensemble should be your first stop for guidelines. So check with your child’s teacher/director. But appropriate attire doesn’t need to break the bank. Generally speaking, in ensembles up through middle school, you can get away with inexpensive purchases. Shop year-round at your favorite retail stores for sales on the basics.

Here’s our list of the top 5 must-haves:

1. Black dress shoes for boys. Black, closed-toe, low-heeled shoes for girls.
2. Black or neutral hose for girls. Black socks for boys.
3. Crisp, white, button-down shirt for boys. White blouse for girls.
4. Black pants for boys or girls.
5. Girls may also opt for a solid black, below-the-knee dress or skirt.

2 Comments to “Concert Attire”

  1. Miss Leslie says:

    Thanks for this article. When casual attire is the norm for most people, I continue to insist that my students dress in their ‘Sunday best’ for recitals and auditions. I tell them that when they look good, they will feel better and perform better. Also when they go in front of judges, their clothing is the first thing a judge sees. Students in cut-offs, sweats, flip-flops, etc., don’t seem nearly as serious about what they are doing as those who are dressed for the occasion.

    Wishing you a song in your heart,
    Miss Leslie @ Music with Miss Leslie.com

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