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How Was Band Today?

Everyime I ask “How was band today?” I never get a decent answer.

As parents, we do a lot for our young musicians. We read the articles that promise music will make our child smarter.*   We take the financial leap and rent/purchase their instrument of choice. We give it a place of honor in our home. We travel to lessons, and recitals. We sit patiently and applaud enthusiastically.

Yet it seems our efforts are swiftly dismissed when we ask, “So, how was band today,” and the only answer we get is a shrug and a mumbled, “It’s band.”

Chances are, it isn’t so much that our kids don’t appreciate our efforts. More than likely, we’re simply not asking the right questions.

Band (like any other grouping of individuals) is guided by specific requirements and dynamics. The vibe of the room is often determined by the interest level and preparedness of the individuals. More times than not, an accomplished ensemble is made up of individuals who acknowledge their role and deliver what’s expected.

Tone Deaf comics offers a light-hearted take on some universal do’s and don’ts for the band room. Enjoy the humor, but then take a longer look at the things that can really affect the quality of your child’s band experience.

Instead of “how was band today,” be more specific. The answers may just surprise you.

  1. How long did it take before you actually played something?
  2. What kind of mood was the teacher in?
  3. Who didn’t bring their instrument today?
  4. What’s your warm-up?
  5. Did you have a pencil?

*While there is no evidence that music makes you smarter, research does suggest that musical training changes parts of the brain and enhances the areas associated with language, speech, memory and attention span. Just thought you’d wanna know.  :)

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