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US Navy


In October of 1775,  members of the Continental Congress met in Philadelphia for a vote to fit out two sailing vessels. The goal was to intercept transports carrying munitions to the British army in America. At that time, many in congress considered this too bold a move. One member described the idea of building an American Fleet as, “the maddest idea in the World.”
But as colonial rebellion against the British Empire grew, so did our military strength. Within days, Congress established a Naval Committee charged with equipping a fleet. This committee drafted legislation, and prepared rules and regulations to govern the Continental Navy’s conduct and internal administration.
Today the United States maintains Naval forces capable of winning wars, deterring aggression and maintaining freedom of the seas. And according to their official website, The Navy Music Program includes 11 active duty fleet bands and two preferentially staffed bands, all featuring professional musicians from around our nation. Each band operates within its own geographic area of responsibility, representing the Navy around the world.

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