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Why we love music festivals

Music Festival

We get it. It’s hot. Why should you bake out in the sun at a Music Festival when you could be kicking back at the beach or pool?

Because we said so.

But if you need more convincing than that, we’re gonna have to turn it over to our friends at Deering Banjo.

This might seem like a simple question and the answers may seem “obvious” to those of us who have been to many of these events. But, what if you had NEVER gone to a music festival? What would it take to convince you to make it a goal to attend one?

It’s Not Just the Music…

The beauty of a well-planned festival is that it is filled not only with great
music, but, just like the county fairs of old; there is yummy food, great activities
for young and old, and an opportunity to buy hand-crafted goods. In truth, whether
you are going to one in our 50 states or anywhere in the world, it is the BEST place
to make new friends and enjoy new cultural experiences.

Not sure where to find quality festivals in your area? Do what we did.

Go to your local newspaper’s website and type “music festival” in the search box.

All you have to bring is a pair of sunglasses and an open mind … and maybe some sunblock.

A quick scan through the results from our local paper included dozens of concerts with many genres to choose from (big band and swing; classic New Orleans style jazz; rhythm and blues; classic rock; show tunes and pop just to name a few) – Most of what we found were free and no more than a 15-minute drive from our house.

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