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Band Camp Essentials
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It’s a classic scenarioThe band camp suitcase is overflowing, and won’t close. Ideally, your band staff would have issued a packing list of items specific to the ensemble. But if not, here’s our list of band camp essentials:
We’ve talked to a lot of director’s over the years, and have come up with an essentials list that applies to just about everyone.
  1. Light colored hat; Sunglasses
  2. Unscented soap/shampoo/lotion/deodorant.
  3. Insect repellant; Sunscreen.
  4. Flashlight (We like the LED crank powered ones. They don’t require batteries).
  5. Comfortable lightweight clothes for daytime; sweatshirt/pants for cooler evenings.
  6. An extra pair of sneakers (It’s best to alternate footwear; and don’t forget extra socks).
  7. If you’re packing snacks, invest in a quality set of plastic containers to protect them.
  8. Reusable water bottle (Look for one with a wide mouth. They’re much easier to keep clean).
  9. Please don’t forget your instrument/guard equipment as well as accessories specific to your instrument.
  10. Musicians will want a metronome, a folding music stand and extra pencils (sharpened) for marking changes to the music/drill sheets.

If you’re traveling for band camp, you’ll probably need to add bedding basics (sheets or a sleeping bag and pillow), along with towels, a pair of flip flops, and a small bucket for your unscented bath supplies. If space allows, we like the idea of including a collapsible laundry rack for the wet towels.

* Does your ensemble generate a band camp packing list? Here’s a great tip: Don’t toss that packing list just because band camp’s over! Take another look at it and jot down any items you WISH you had taken with you. Don’t forget to share your ideas with your director.

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