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Post-Concert Activities
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Teachers, are you in a quandary? Wondering how to keep your students engaged and
productive in class after the concert? Wish you had a list of activities you could
customize to accommodate any grade level?

We’ve got you covered. All you need is a good quality video recording of the
concert. Add to it our list of student-centered listening and critiquing skills, and
let the fun begin.

As you watch the concert one song at a time:

1. Discuss the visual appearance of the ensemble. Pay special attention to dress,
posture and composure.

2. Listen for sections playing the right note at the right time, with the
appropriate attack and tone quality.

3. Listen for blend and balance, and pay special attention to dynamics & phrasing.

4. Turn off the audio and watch to see if everyone is on the same page… Literally. Is everyone focused and attentive?

5. Turn off the video and with just the audio portion, have the students read along
with their parts. Let them make a connection between what they hear and whats on the
printed page. Can they hear their part? Was it properly executed ? What could they
have done differently?

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