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Choosing an Instrument

This is the time of year when third graders contemplate taking the plunge into instrumental music. I had the pleasure of observing one elementary music teacher’s exceptional approach to introducing the beginning band options of flute, clarinet, saxophone, trumpet, trombone, and snare drum. Her best advice regarding which instrument to choose, had little to do […]


Did you know May was Bluegrass Month? Probably not. But that’s ok, because we didn’t either until we opened up some great email from our friends at Deering Banjo Company. Bluegrass music grew from American roots. Most consider it a sub-genre of country music, but we’re watching it grow into a genre unto itself. Bluegrass […]


May of 2013 will no doubt be remembered by classic rock junkies as the time when David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” came to life. When Commander Chris Hadfield tweeted the poignant version of the song performed aboard the International Space Station, he immediately earned worldwide acclaim and (maybe even cooler) a shoutout from Bowie himself, via […]

Everyime I ask “How was band today?” I never get a decent answer. As parents, we do a lot for our young musicians. We read the articles that promise music will make our child smarter.*   We take the financial leap and rent/purchase their instrument of choice. We give it a place of honor in our home. […]


All new band parents are at least a little leary when it comes to caring for that newest addition to the family. Luckily everything you need to know (regardless of how or how often you play) to keep your instrument in proper playing condition is right here. First, keep the instrument in its case when it’s […]