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MENC (one of the world’s largest arts education organizations) today announced its official name change to The National Association for Music Education (NAfME). In a release posted on their website, Michael A. Butera, executive director, points out that the new name better defines them as an organization for music education for everyone in our nation, […]

Music Ed Majors: Take note! The job application process demands diligence, focus and clarity. While it’s true that times are tough, it’s also true that school districts nationwide are in a continuous state of reorganization. So when a job opportunity presents itself, you have to be ready. Our Top 5 Tips will ensure that you […]

I’m just getting caught up with work email that came in over the holiday weekend. The last email included a survey pertaining to a recent concert we attended. I want to share some of it with you: Q. How likely are you to recommend us to your friends? A. Extremely likely. And here’s why: Summertime […]

Dwindling revenue, shrinking endowments and a brutal economic climate have set the stage (so to speak) for high drama in Philadelphia. Saturday morning, the Philadelphia Orchestra’s board is slated to take a vote on filing Chapter 11. The Philadelphia Inquirer reports that musicians passed out fliers opposing bankruptcy to the audience before a concert Thursday […]

Ya know that ba-dum-cchhh that often punctuates a bad joke or a pun? What’s that called? It’s called a sting. A young percussionist we know describes it as two snare drum hits and a cymbal crash. Some people know it as a rim shot…and in fact, one of those drum hits may actually be a […]

We’ve  all heard the joke about “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” Arthur Rubinstein, Isaac Stern, Jascha Heifetz among others, have all been credited with the infamous reply “Practice.” A while back, we asked the kind folks at Carnegie Hall to offer definitive credit for that line. Associate Archivist Rob Hudson weighed in: Unfortunately, the “How […]

Are you looking to upgrade your practice space? Shopping for music accessories that are sure to please? Here’s our Top 5 picks under $100. Padded Piano Bench A faux leather top with extra-thick padding offers budget-friendly comfort and classic good looks. Look for one with a well-crafted wooden frame. The seat should lift easily to access a roomy music compartment. Stool […]

Does all classical music kinda sound the same to you? If you answered yes, you’re not alone. Many in music mourn the emergence of a generalized, uniform musical sound. They argue that distinctive color and sound are being lost as musicians become more apt to travel and play with a variety of ensembles throughout their careers. […]

Q. Is there really such a thing as an ear worm?  A. Yes.  It’s annoying. It’s hard to get rid of, and almost everyone has had at least one. (I know, ewww). The generally accepted scientific term is Involuntary Musical Imagery. But what the heck, we like ear worm. It’s a loose translation of the German […]

When selecting an instrument for your child, never underestimate the “cool factor”. There needs to be a basic attraction to the instrument. Does someone in the family (or anyone else whom the student admires) play that instrument? Did hearing it at a concert spark an interest? Listen to your child and find out what specifically […]