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All new band parents are at least a little leary when it comes to caring for that newest addition to the family. Luckily everything you need to know (regardless of how or how often you play) to keep your instrument in proper playing condition is right here. First, keep the instrument in its case when it’s […]

When contemplating instrument maintenance, keep in mind two things: 1. Prevention is always the best medicine; and 2. It’s often the unglamorous details that end up having the biggest impact. We’ve met countless musicians at every skill level, and many have their favorite brands/types of cleaners, cloths and gadgets. But we realized there’s one simple […]


It happens more than you think. One California high school reported that $30,000 worth of instruments have been stolen this school year alone. The high price that some instruments fetch on the black market is just one reason cited for the rise in instrument thefts. According to a December 2011 Los Angeles Times article, an […]