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Flex Your Music Muscle Minor Music has designed a series of instrument-specific strength, stretching and conditioning exercises for musicians at every level.  We are confident that our easily-implemented moves will build endurance and reduce the rate of injury in your ensembles. Ask about our specially designed programs for  concert band, jazz band, marching band, orchestra, […]


They are among the most recognizable marches of all time, but can you match the song title to its branch of service? Click through to find the answer… and while you’re there, add these mp3s to your patriotic playlist. The Air Force Song The Army Song The Navy Song The Marine Song The Coast Guard […]


The idea for the United States Marine Corps officially dates back to November 10, 1775, in of all places, a Philadelphia brew house at the corner of Water Street and Turn Alley. In the days that led to the American Revolution, a committee of the Continental Congress met to draft a resolution calling for two […]

Eugene Ormandy November 18, 1899 – March 12, 1985

What is “The Philadelphia Sound”? According to The Philadelphia Orchestra’s Music Director, Yannick Nézet-Séguin, “It is the most beautiful sound in the world, because it is the sound of the hearts and souls of a fantastic group of women and men, passionately committed to share the most wonderful art form to the widest audience possible. […]


You’ve heard it. That ratchety sound that gives a song that unmistakable Latin groove. You get it from a percussion instrument called a guiro (pronounced gweer-oh). Technically speaking, it’s a scraped idiophone. Its beginnings are traced back to the pre-Columbian inhabitants of the Bahamas, who thought it would be a cool idea to scrape a […]

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Dame Evelyn Glennie took her rightful place on the worldwide stage during the opening ceremony of the 2012 Summer Olympic Games. Arguably the world’s best percussionist, the Scottish-born Glennie has been profoundly deaf since age 11, and in a 1999 interview for PBS NewsHour admits that “to sustain this type of career… It just requires […]

This American Folk Song has been around for a long time. It first became popular back on the 1820s, and remained so through the Civil War. Astute musicologists remember that Minnie Mouse was carrying the sheet music for “Turkey in the Straw” (along with her fiddle) in the movie Steamboat Willie. It’s been recorded by […]

On Nov. 18, 1928, Walt Disney released a short, black and white animated film that experts agree, forever changed the motion picture industry. In seven minutes and 23 seconds, the animated short, Steamboat Willie introduced the world to a mouse named Mickey, his girlfriend, Minnie and a revolutionary new way to view an animated film. […]

November is International Drum Month (IDM). So print out this coupon from the Percussion Marketing Council (PMC). Fill it out. Mail it in, and they’ll send you a set of free sticks and cool drum stuff. Really. We’re not kidding. The PMC is a non-profit corporation dedicated to the advancement, understanding and enjoyment of drums […]

Ya know that ba-dum-cchhh that often punctuates a bad joke or a pun? What’s that called? It’s called a sting. A young percussionist we know describes it as two snare drum hits and a cymbal crash. Some people know it as a rim shot…and in fact, one of those drum hits may actually be a […]