Minor Music
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In 1994, President Bill Clinton issued a proclamation urging all Americans to observe September as Classical Music Month. And to that we say: Easier said than done. We know what you’re thinking. Most people have an inexplicable aversion to classical music. While they can’t actually tell you what classical music is, they know for a […]


  In 1824, Vienna was abuzz as news of Ludwig von Beethoven’s latest work spread among prominent music patrons and performers. It was the first time a major composer used voices (four soloists and a chorus) in a symphony. Here’s our Top 5 Must-Haves of this iconic work: Herbert von Karajan Leonard Bernstein Simon Rattle […]


This is the time of year to experience the excitement and enchantment of classical music at its ghoulish best. Of course we think you (and your family) should take full advantage of live performances of these pieces. But until then, we urge you to download, share and enjoy these haunting harmonies and mysterious melodies. Wagner […]


Here’s how we recommend teachers introduce Classical Music to young listeners of all ages. We realize that the the term “Classical Music” can be ambiguous at best (and at times, downright intimidating). So our approach defines classical music in the simplest of terms: The “classic” instrumental musical forms of Concerto, Sonata and Symphony circa 1750-1820. […]