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Here are 5 things your band director wants you to work on this summer. Honest. Go ask him! Invest your time in longer, more intense practice sessions. Concentrate on scales and sight reading. Take a good, long look at your instrument. Contact your teacher about any problems or malfunctions, but do not attempt ANY repair work yourself […]

Whenever you go to a new doctor, one of the first things they do before ever laying a hand on you, is to take a complete medical history. They want to know about any current problems you are having. They will ask about your overall health; any previous health concerns; and most importantly, how they […]

Back-to-School shopping is more than just shoes and backpacks – especially if you’re the teacher. Music teachers in particular, face an ever-changing educational (and musical) landscape. So, it’s important to keep a varied and ample library of literature.  Whether you’re building a library from scratch or purging a stale collection, our Top 5 Tips will […]