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  If you’re lucky enough to be in a school district that’s committed to its music program, you probably know that the spring semester is when we celebrate all things Jazz. But surprisingly, even the most accomplished elementary and secondary level musicians fall short in their actual understanding of the American-born musical genre. The beginnings […]


You’ve heard it. That ratchety sound that gives a song that unmistakable Latin groove. You get it from a percussion instrument called a guiro (pronounced gweer-oh). Technically speaking, it’s a scraped idiophone. Its beginnings are traced back to the pre-Columbian inhabitants of the Bahamas, who thought it would be a cool idea to scrape a […]

new year

You didn’t think we’d end the year without offering our take on the quintessential New Year’s Eve Playlist, did you?! Well, without further ado, here’s our top 13 picks for ringing in 2013! Happy New Year! Auld Lang Syne Of course, Guy Lombardo’s version is a classic. But we also like the versions by Jimi […]

Well, it’s a stormy day at Minor Music’s World Headquarters, and we’re passing the time doing what we do best: Gathering up a thematic list of required listening. So click through, create your own stormy playlist, and stay safe. Purple Rain Rainy Days and Mondays Rock You Like a Hurricane Stormy Weather Windy


No one appreciates the seasonal quirkiness of Dominick the Donkey more than we do. But, if you’ve had enough of the tired Christmas themes being doled out by commercial radio, I think we can help. Click through and add these elegant selections to your holiday playlist. Then pour yourself a glass of holiday cheer, kick […]

Looking for your child’s first music teacher? You may not have to look any further than the face staring back at you in the mirror. Really. The best way to set your child up musically (and academically), is to expose them to music as early as possible and encourage them to explore it on their […]