Minor Music
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  So, your middle schooler came home with an application to audition for an honors band. Now you’re wondering if she’s really ready for the stress of an audition. ‘Tis the season… As we approach the mid-point of the school year, countless young musicians face a barrage of musical opportunities as regional and state honors […]

The development and maintenance of instrumental ensembles is often  compromised by budgetary constraints, facility space, feeder schools and available instrumentation. So, for parents with little or no musical background,  choosing the right path for your young musician can be a daunting task. The academic hierarchy of instrumental ensembles is ambiguous at best. How do you […]


How often does your middle schooler replace the reed in his saxophone? The experts we spoke with all agreed that 2 months is a reasonable lifespan for your average reed. When you play a woodwind instrument, the sound is produced as a result of the vibration of the reed. So, it’s important that the reed […]