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Labor Day is celebrated in the United States and Canada on the first Monday in September. Origins of the holiday are traced back to 1872 when a parade was held in support of a strike by Toronto’s Typographical Union. In 1882, American union official Peter McGuire was asked to speak at a Canadian festival commemorating […]


Here are 5 things your band director wants you to work on this summer. Honest. Go ask him! Invest your time in longer, more intense practice sessions. Concentrate on scales and sight reading. Take a good, long look at your instrument. Contact your teacher about any problems or malfunctions, but do not attempt ANY repair work yourself […]


Here’s our alphabetical list of must-see movies for music enthusiasts. Not just musicals, but movies about music. Click through for plot summaries and ratings. And by all means, consider adding these to your collection. Amadeus The Benny Goodman Story Blues Brothers Bye Bye Birdie The Cabin in the Sky The Competition Copying Beethoven The Fabulous […]


  It’s a classic scenario:  The band camp suitcase is overflowing, and won’t close. Ideally, your band staff would have issued a packing list of items specific to the ensemble. But if not, here’s our list of band camp essentials: We’ve talked to a lot of director’s over the years, and have come up with […]

Music Festival

We get it. It’s hot. Why should you bake out in the sun at a Music Festival when you could be kicking back at the beach or pool? Because we said so. But if you need more convincing than that, we’re gonna have to turn it over to our friends at Deering Banjo. This might […]

Everyime I ask “How was band today?” I never get a decent answer. As parents, we do a lot for our young musicians. We read the articles that promise music will make our child smarter.*   We take the financial leap and rent/purchase their instrument of choice. We give it a place of honor in our home. […]


All new band parents are at least a little leary when it comes to caring for that newest addition to the family. Luckily everything you need to know (regardless of how or how often you play) to keep your instrument in proper playing condition is right here. First, keep the instrument in its case when it’s […]

Not sure how to dress your pint-sized performer for their first concert? You’ve come to the right place. During the next few months, in schools across the country, students from pre-K through college will take to the stage in song. And just as there is a dress code in business, there is a dress code […]

Back in the 1930s when the big bands took to smoke-filled stages from New York to Los Angeles they were often recognized by their official look: Matching suits, ties and fedoras. Fast forward to the modern-day competitive high school jazz scene, and a similar effect is found. Top ensembles are often recognized by their own […]

  If you’re lucky enough to be in a school district that’s committed to its music program, you probably know that the spring semester is when we celebrate all things Jazz. But surprisingly, even the most accomplished elementary and secondary level musicians fall short in their actual understanding of the American-born musical genre. The beginnings […]