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In my day, an active board was when there were two of us at the blackboard breathing in chalk dust, playing beat-the-clock for the right answer. Thankfully, classrooms have made some technological changes since then. But to date, the jury is still out in many districts regarding how deeply they delve into the topic of […]

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Teaching guitar this year? Introducing the instrument to new players while appeasing older students looking to “play along” with the band can seem effortless with the right resources. Click through for the specifics on some of our favorite classroom additions. Most will include an accompaniment track, but also check for accurate transcriptions and recordings. Many […]

MENC (one of the world’s largest arts education organizations) today announced its official name change to The National Association for Music Education (NAfME). In a release posted on their website, Michael A. Butera, executive director, points out that the new name better defines them as an organization for music education for everyone in our nation, […]

Music Ed Majors: Take note! The job application process demands diligence, focus and clarity. While it’s true that times are tough, it’s also true that school districts nationwide are in a continuous state of reorganization. So when a job opportunity presents itself, you have to be ready. Our Top 5 Tips will ensure that you […]

So, for some strange reason, you think it’s ok to skip practice… Maybe you’re sick.  Forgot you instrument? Your music? Well think again, and take an honest look at  the obstacle standing between you and a productive practice session. First, decide what you can do to avoid this situation in the future, then grab your metronome […]

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Minor Music is proud to be a member of MusicPLN.org. This professional learning network is free and connects you with countless musicians, educators, and technology integrators. It’s the work of Dr. Joseph Pisano and his amazing steering committee. They have created an easy-to-navigate, friendly, online community of music professionals. You should join.